Executive Headteacher                        

Mr Andrew Davies

Head of School         

Mrs Ruth Cadwallader

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Hill

Office Manager

Mrs Jan Lawrence


Miss Hayley Humphreys

SEN Assistant

Miss Natalie Jacques

Reception Teachers - 2 classes            

Miss Stephanie Andrews and Miss Hayley Humphreys

Year 1 Teacher                   

Mr Darryl Peers

Year 1/2 Teacher  

Miss Nicola Rigg (Infant Co-ordinator)

Year 2 Teacher  

Miss Abbie Burke

Year 3 Teacher              

Miss Charlotte Knowles

Year 3/4 Teachers  

Miss Linsey Kinniburgh

Year 4 Teacher                   

Mr Tim Parsonage

Year 5 Teachers (two classes)

Mr Adam Griffiths and Miss Jessie Raggett               

Year 6 Teachers                      

Mrs Nicola Hill and Mr Steven Meredith

PPA Teacher

Mrs Sheila Earlam

Teaching Assistants            

Mrs Alison Sheen

Mrs Becky Elson

Mrs Beth Bergstrand

Mrs Diana Hill (French teacher for all classes)

Mrs Jo-Ann Bebbington

Learning Support                    

Mrs Alison Tyrie

Miss Natalie Jacques

Mrs Vivian Bettley-Eagles

Mrs Clare Latham

Mrs Debbie Shields

Clerical Assistants                  

Mrs Bridget Sarstedt

Mrs Sharon Rigby


Mr Dave Turner


Mrs Diana Hill

Kitchen Supervisor                  

Mr Gary Evans

Kitchen Assistants                  

Mrs Michelle Davies

Mrs Lisa Barber

Mrs Emma Blain

Mid-day Assistants                

Mrs Janet Welch

Mrs Barbara Laue

Mrs Jo-Ann Bebbington

Mrs Ann Spruce        

Mrs Fiona Brunton-Davies

Mrs Leanne Scadeng - Lunchtime Sports' Coordinator

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Learn and Grow

Tarvin Primary School, Heath Drive, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8LS