In the summer term, we conducted a survey with the children about homework. We also discussed this as a staff to agree the purpose, and to ensure that work is relevant and useful to the children’s learning. With the responses given by staff and pupils, and also comments we have listened to from parents, we have made some changes to the homework we are setting.

Why do we give homework?

  • To develop a sense of responsibility

  • To consolidate learning

  • To extend learning

  • To learn information before a new topic (project homework)

  • To engage children further in their learning

  • To involve and engage parents


What type of homework do staff feel is most beneficial?

  • Reading

  • Elements which need lots of repetition – times tables, number bonds, spellings/ phonics practice

  • Practising key skills

  • Research and topic homework

  • Presentations – speaking and listening, and vocabulary extension

    We have signed up to Times Tables Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Maths Shed. We feel that these online resources offer the children the same online learning experience, whilst being easier to access on phones and tablets, and for a fraction of the cost to school. We will be monitoring this throughout the year.

    The table below shows the homework set by year group:

  • Reception


Reading; Phonics


Number work

  • Years 1 and 2


Reading; Follow up task relating to reading; Phonics/ Spelling patterns


Number bonds/ Times tables

  • Years 3 and 4


Reading – 3x self  2x adult; Alternate Punctuation and Grammar Books; Spellings 


Alternate weeks: Times tables / Written Maths work

  • Years 5 and 6


Reading – 3x self  2x adult; Alternate Punctuation and Grammar Books;



Times tables; Written Maths work

Homework is set on Thursdays and handed in on Wednesdays.

Spelling and Times tables tests are on Thursdays.

Homework should be completed in pencil. Children are expected to take pride in their presentation in all workbooks.

Answers for written Maths work will be sent home in a pocket at the back of the Maths book. Children should mark at home (with parents, or independently as they get older) in a different colour (we use blue pens for this at school) once they have finished the questions. Teachers review the work on a Wednesday and set new work for Thursday.

Two weeks before a holiday, project homework will be set. This will be pre-learning for a topic in the next half term. This is due in after the holiday. At times, different homework will be set, for example, work relating to values.

We understand that family life can be busy, and occasionally there may be times when children have not been able to complete all of the work set. In these cases, parents should contact their child’s teacher by email. Children who have not completed homework, without a valid reason, may be asked to do so during a playtime.

We hope that parents will work with us in helping children to take responsibility for this as they get older, and by getting them into good routines.

If you require any more information, please contact your child’s teacher.




School does not accept responsibility for the content of the below sites and would always advise parental supervision when children are working on the internet.

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