At Tarvin, we use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. The Oxford Owl website has activities you can do with your child at home:


Please find below some questions to discuss when reading at home. We have included prompts for questioning in two main areas.

Assessment Focus 2

Seek, find and understand: Literal retrieval.

Children are asked to describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts.

Where did the story take place?
Which part of the story best describes the setting?
Which words/phrases tell you that ... e.g. the setting is spooky?
Who are the characters in the book?
What did she/he/it look like?
Describe… e.g. the dragon
What happened in the story?
What happened after…?
How many…?
Who spoke to…? What did they talk about?
What is…?
Which paragraph tells you…?
Which word tells you that…?
Where can you find information about…?
Which part tells you that ... ? (e.g. they were annoyed that Goldilocks was in their house?)
Why do ...? (e.g. people need to look after their teeth?)


Assessment Focus 3

Between the lines: Inference and deduction.

Children are asked to deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas.

Infer – look for what is implied (suggested) rather than what is explicit (stated/obvious). Read between the lines to find the meaning. Look at the words and how they are organised in order to see the writers’ different meanings.

Deduce - be a detective. Use evidence in the text to work out what is meant. You might have to fill in gaps and make links between ideas.

How did …. feel?
Why did … feel/ think …?
Why is …. important?
What does the word… imply about … ?
What makes you think that?
Which words give you that impression? Why?
If you were going to interview this character/author, which questions would you ask?
What sort of person do you think would use this book?  Describe a time when you think they would use it.
Do you think this is true/untrue?  Why do you think this?
What do you think …. is thinking?  What would you be thinking?
Which is your favourite part? Why?
Predict what you think is going to happen next.  Why do you think this?
Who would you like to meet most in the story? Why?







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