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Our Vision

Children who feel known, valued, safe and have a sense of belonging; who are empowered to acquire knowledge, values and skills to become kind, resilient, ambitious, responsible and happy.

Our Curriculum Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles underpin our curriculum aims and aspirations. Our overall vision and our curriculum guiding principles have been fundamental when designing our curriculum. 

  • Ambitious 
  • Conscious
  • Holistic






Our two year rolling plan ensures strong coverage across the school. We constantly evaluate and adapt our curriculum so that it meets the needs of the children, provides meaningful links between subjects, where appropriate, and enables us to take advantage of opportunities for the pupils as they arise. Please see the attached curriculum flow chart.

We use the national curriculum subjects as the vehicle to inspire the values, knowledge and skills that we wish to see in our pupils. Meaningful, conscious connections are made between subjects, when beneficial and without affecting the fidelity of subjects in terms of their individual skills and knowledge. Links occur in two ways: interconnection opportunities within a subject area - the understanding of pre and post learning to develop and enhance learning, strengthening neural pathways by revisiting and enhancing skills and knowledge; and links across different subjects, where topics may overlap. The position of units has been carefully considered to provide consolidation of key learning during the rolling programme. For example, in Lower Key Stage 2 History, children study The Stone Age before going on to read Stone Age Boy in English the following term. This gives the children the understanding of this time period before moving onto using this information to support their English work. In DT, children study the knowledge and skills during each year of the two year rolling programme, ensuring progression and consolidation.


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